An article about our Highland ponies was published in the January edition of 2004 of Kon polski.


In June 2005 Edyta Trojanska made beautiful pictures of our new born foals.



In the April 2005 edition of Świat Koni  is a poster of Rhum,by

Krzystof Jarczewski.

In may 2006 Krzystof came back for spring


In the April/May 2006 edition of The Native Pony are some photos of our ponies published.


The HPS selected a photo of Manoah ponies as a Christmas card.


Manoah ponies on the cover of The Native Pony (December edition 2007)


In 2013 articles were published in The Native Pony, Konski Targ and Sielskie Zycie

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All our ponies are registered at the Scottish Highland Society and provided with passport and microchip.

We sold ponies to Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Lapland , Poland and Scotland we can arrange professional transport.


Recently we sold our licenced stallion Kalogrenant von Karidol to Mr Bohdan Smolen, we are happy that Kalo will still be available for Polish breeding!


Spring 2009 the stallion Pstrag of Manoah is now licensed in Germany and available for visiting mares!



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Highlands in Baranówko.

The „Fundacja Stworzenia Pana Smolenia” ("Creations of Mr. Smolen Foundation") has been established in 2007 by a famous polish cabaret actor Mr. Bohdan Smoleń. The main aim of this foundation is hipotherapy, all of the information about us you can find on our web site


The Foundation is based in Baranówko - a small village located about 30 km from Poznań, Wielkopolska, Poland. The first horses have arrived here in November 2004. It was a hoary hucul (carpathian ponny) Kuba, and a noble half-blood Neron. On the spring of 2005 we have made a contact with a local Special Purpose School and Educational Center, which allowed us to move full steam ahead. We had to start looking quickly for some support for Kuba. My friend Krzysztof Sarapata from Kielce has recommended to us Highland Ponies as horses perfect for hipotherapy. He got to know this breed in a Manoah stud farm adjacent to his, managed by Jan Smeenk in Kapkazy. The day after this conversation we have been on our way to Manoah Stud Farm. The peaceful and friendly appearance of those horses delighted Mr. Smoleń so much that he wanted to buy one of them to Baranówko straight away. Unfortunately Manoah didn’t have any grown Highlands for sale at that moment, but the owners however have offered us a help with finding one. That is how Orchid van’t Graevenhof has joined us together with new born Sophro and Ali ( in mother’s womb at that time). Orchid have been very protective about her descendants to start with, but within a month we have been able to run the first hipotherapy classes with her. How even tempered this horse is I can show by mentioning the situation when the stork when flying off his nest had dropped a stick and caused a  short circuit with a lot of noise and a bunch of sparks, Orchid together with a patient on her back didn’t even move, she just waited what comes next and ignored everything, seeing that we are not paying any attention to this.


In March 2007 we have welcomed Fourmerk Honour, and in the November the same year Kalogrenant von Karidol. Kalo nowadays is a happy father of his four daughters: Kokarda (2008), Kołatka (2008), Akuna (2008) and Dumka (2009).

Higland Ponny essential hardiness is combined with a kindly nature and even temperament. Because of their height and a well-balanced and compact body with deep chest, well-sprung ribs, powerful quarters with a well-developed thigh, strong gaskin and clean flat hocks. They are perfect for hipotherapy. Kalo has been working as a therapist for a long time when he was still a stallion. Personality traits have a big influence on a specifics of certain jobs they can do, and so Orchid and Honour are very peaceful while Kalo sometimes is very impulsive, hysterical (just like a men.. ). But he is the one who works the most. What can I say.. if you have two wife’s and four kids, there is what to do and you can easily get hemp.. 

During the season hipotherapy classes are run six days in a week- but we do take care of the Horsens and don’t let them work for more than 4 hours a Day with a minimum of 1 hour brake in between. After the job is done they can go to a 4 hectare of pastureland where they can stay for how long they want- often even for the whole night.

Sometimes we go for a ride to the nearest forest together with colt’s running around us, oh that is good time, and what is going on up then...

Adolescent foals are paying attention to what their parents do and sometimes it seems like they cannot wait till they will be able to work with the patients. Until then they are still enjoying childhood but whenever someone appears near them , they are trying to catch their attention to find some petting or something  tasty to crunch. Those are very friendly, trustful and curious animals. It will be a great loss for us when the time will come to say good bye to them, when they go to their new homes. We can be sure only one thing, that they will take a reliance and love to a human being with them to the rest of their life’s. Because they simply do think of us, that we have been created to feed, pet, play with them and protect them from any harm. So they have nothing else to worry about, apart from if there is enough grass around for their  happiness. 

Anyone interested in buying a horse of this breed please contact us via telephone No. +48 667 51 51 55. We do warn you however that any potential buyer will have to go through our “How much do I love horses “ detector in the scale of 1 to 100.


Yours Sincerely, Joanna Kubisa

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