We brought our Highland ponies from the Netherlands and Scotland to Kapkazy. This is the first stud of Highland ponies in Poland and in spite of sometimes-extreme weather conditions (hot summers and very cold winters) Highlands thrive well in this climate and can stay out the whole year round.

For manyyears now, our Highland ponies make a firm group.

We have 2 licensed stallions standing at stud, Rhum of Puth and our home bred stallion Olik of Manoah

Our stallion Rhum runs free with his mares the whole year round and in spring they give birth to their foals.

In a natural way the foals are educated during their first summer, autumn and winter by the grown-up ponies.

After about 10 months the foals get separated from their mothers, to grow up in a herd of youngsters with their uncle Glen.

Besides this natural process, we let them make contact with humans and as much as possible with other animals and objects.

All this happens on a playful matter and nothing is forced so they can grow up into well-balanced and independent ponies.

They are really reliable and fantastic ponies and it is a great pleasure to be or to work with them.

If you want to know more or get acquaintance with this versatile breed, please let us know and ask for the possibilities.


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Manoah Highland Ponies

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