Manoah is a Highland Pony stud situated at the foot of mount Bukowa Gora, in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Poland (Świętokrzyskie National Park ).

Manoah is an organic farm .


At this moment we do have 10 Highlands. The group consists a stallion, mares and foals, and they are kept together the whole year round.


Our traditionally built wooden house is situated in Wzdl Kapkazy (315 m height) and has a magnificent view on the characteristic landscape and at mount Bukowa Gora. The landscapes are diversified by narrow strips of fields forming a chequered pattern that cannot be seen elsewhere in Europe.

In the National Park, located on the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, you can go for stunning walks. The highest mountain is Lysica, 612 meters.


We have a holiday cottage to rent, also a few camping sites are available.


Of course it is possible to get acquaintance with our Highland ponies, meet this great versatile breed and enjoy contact with them!


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Manoah Highland Ponies

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